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Prostitution of Dwarfs, Cheep and Legal

On 15th December Pacific microstate Nauru recognised Abkhazia, rebel region of Georgia occupied by Russian military forces and recognised by Russia, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Nauru island

The Nauruan Minister of Foreign Affairs Kiren Keke and delegation visited Abkhazia and established diplomatic relations with the government of separatist region. The Nauruan officials arrived there first and, obviously, last time for this century at least. The fact is Nauru is a dot in Pacific Ocean, a beggar island with a diameter about 5 km and 10 thousand people population, which doesn’t have any economic and political interests in Abkhazia.

So what for does the lump of dead corrals need diplomatic relations with the faraway land? How the delegation of the state that has 10 million dollars GPD easily afforded tickets to the Caucasus for signing the absolutely economically senseless document?

The reason is the Nauruan Minister of Foreign Affairs came so far not in sake of small depopulated Abkhazia but for Kremlin - his way lay through Moscow. What he did in the Russian capital is quite clear and the main question is “how much?” How much did services of Nauruan Minister cost for Russian budget? According Russian newspaper “Kommersant”, Nauru asked Russia 50 million dollars for some social-economic projects.

Thus Nauru extremely increases its budget in exchange of recognition the breakaway political body appeared due to ethnic cleansing in 1993 when most of population of Abkhazia (300 thousand) escaped from the ethnic massacres. This people are deprived their right to participate in determining of the political present and future of their small homeland Abkhazia so the today political decisions of Abkhazia including elections and the declaration of independence are completely illegitimate. However commitment to a policy of ethnic cleansing is not a reason to be preoccupied for the Nauruan government. When so big (in the understanding of dwarfs) money involved legs of moral and economical dwarfs are straddling by themself.

When you don’t have principles you can monetize microsovereignty easier. You can trade national Internet domains worldwide like Tuvalu and Samoa or, much better, signatures on cynical documents because they pay generously only for such ones.

Prostitution may be the only way to survive for such countries like Nauru where unemployment is 90 percent and 80 percent of the territory is ecologically destroyed by mining. However feasibility of Kremlin expenditure for getting international recognition independence of the Georgian breakaway region Abkhazia is not so obvious. The Kremlin government spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying bribing beggars and dictators in the hope that the civilied countries will follow them later. Isn’t the fun too expensive?

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